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Dave Egner, Defense Department civilian

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Dave Egner, Defense Department civilian

Name: Dave Egner, Defense Department civilian

Unit of assignment: 88th Operations Support Squadron

How long have you been at Wright-Patt? Over 42 years

What is your job? Director of Special Operations, responsible for coordination of events encompassing the airspace and airfield here at Wright-Patterson AFB. This includes coordinating support for the president and vice president during visits through Wright-Patt and the states of Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan and Indiana. The position also includes coordinating and providing safe-haven support to coastal Department of Defense-assigned assets as hurricanes force evacuation of aircraft out of harm’s way during these storms.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

Being part of Team Wright-Patt. Working side by side with professional military, civilian DOD and contractor employees, all with the same goal as me: Get the mission done, get it done quickly and on time. And doing so without the need to overplan, trusting each other to complete the tasks as needed, thus ensuring the success of the mission. And not to mention, doing all of this while sharing the location where the Wright brothers proved the significance of powered flight.

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