88th Air Base Wing emphasizes ‘mission effectiveness’

Line of effort a priority in new strategic plan

Leaders of the 88th Air Base Wing recently devised a new strategic plan that thoroughly defines the command’s mission and vision statements, values, characteristics and traits, and lines of effort.

Each area has explicit guidance on how to effectively deliver war-winning capabilities through agile installation and mission support.

“Maximize mission effectiveness” is the second of four revised lines of effort aimed at strengthening 88 ABW’s operational and strategic principles, leaders say.

It focuses on how to drive an innovative environment; develop solid command, control, communications and computer foundations; modernize organizational construct, and maintain a ready and resilient force.

“If you look at our new 88th Air Base Wing strategic plan, you will see several deliberate themes involving people, partnerships and mission,” said Gregory Leingang, the 88 ABW vice director. “While no one theme is more important than the other, it is also true that at the end of the day, we are here to execute the mission. So you will see the concept of ‘mission’ in the vision statement, in the mission statement and, of course, in line of effort 2.”

Through this new line of effort, the wing will be able to revamp each group’s mission and help bring to light their importance.

“Over time in any given work area, we can get into a routine and the normal day-to-day loses its sense of criticality and importance,” Leingang said. “We all need to be refreshed and reminded that what we do isn’t normal – it is unique and it is exceptional.”

He urges personnel to remain dedicated to the mission, no matter where they may be working from on base or what their unit’s specific role is.

“We are not all on the front line every day or flying aircraft or discovering scientific breakthroughs,” he said. “But that should never take away from the importance of how all of our actions ultimately support the execution of the Air Force mission and result in lives saved, battles won and liberties protected.”

This new effort is a call to everyone in the wing to never be satisfied with “good enough” or get complacent in daily routines, Leingang said.

“We need to do our best to always maintain a sense of urgency and importance as we execute our daily work,” he said. “Driving innovation, improving resiliency and maintaining readiness are fundamental actions we can take to strengthen the mission we support.”

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