Air Force Materiel Command undertakes mass digital engineering training

The Air Force Materiel Command continues to support efforts to train personnel on model-based engineering to facilitate faster, more effective delivery of new capabilities to the warfighter.

Training command engineers in the use of Model Based Systems Engineering and SysML, a systems modeling language, helps warrior-support teams more efficiently digitally design, sustain and modernize platforms throughout the life cycle to meet current and future Air Force needs.

“Companies who have made the transition to digital operations benefit from shortened time to market, stricter supply chain management, reduced sustainment costs, and the ability to pivot product lines based on rapidly changing demand signals,” said Clay Mims, director of Engineering, Agile Combat Support Directorate, and co-lead of Digital Campaign training line of effort.

MBSE is the formalized application of models at different levels to support innovation. Efforts to apply models should ideally start during the idea phase of a project and continue throughout development and the life cycle of the product.

Paired with MBSE is SysML, a general-purpose architecture modeling language for systems engineering applications.

“The training will enable the workforce to achieve the SysML proficiency they need to create effective systems models as members of a MBSE team,” said Mims.

In support of the Department of the Air Force Digital Campaign, AFMC Engineering has secured FY21 Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Account funds to provide SysML training for the workforce.

AFMC contracted with Delligatti Associates to provide commercially available training in MBSE.

Offered is the Delligatti Object Management Group Certified Systems Modeling Professional Accelerator SysML Training Course, which takes 35 hours to complete. Also offered is the Delligatti Object-Oriented Systems Engineering Method Accelerator Model Based Systems Engineering Methodology Course, which takes 24 hours to complete.

These courses together provide comprehensive, in-depth SysML training to enable participants to become MBSE practitioners.

Each course has 3,400 seats available for training in a video, self-paced, on-demand environment.

“Participants are given the foundation for the Air Force to transition from paper-based weapon system acquisition to a digital process,” said Mims.

The training is offered to Airmen through AcqNow and can be accessed by logging into AcqNow at: Under My Career, click Search for CL Events. Click the blue Search Catalogs button on the top right. From the Select Catalog drop down menu, select AF Digital Campaign and then click the blue Search link on the right hand side. Sign up for the event “Delligatti OCSMP Accelerator SysML Training” and/or “OOSEM Accelerator MBSE Methodology”.

Additional course information can be found at

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