American Water to carry out hydrant flushing on Area A

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American Water will perform annual hydrant flushing and inspections on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base’s Area A from March 15 to Nov. 5.

Testing will take place between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Some slight water discoloration and lower pressure can be expected during the flushing period.

Officials say the inspections and tests are required to determine the proper operation of fire hydrants for firefighting. The annual flushing allows crews to visually inspect and operate hydrants to assess functionality. It’s also necessary to periodically flush out lines to ensure water freshness and remove any sediment.

During the flushing period, motorists should be on the lookout for American Water personnel operating hydrants and walking near roads. Drivers should be careful not to drive or park too close to any hydrant if they observe testing in the vicinity.

Water discoloration caused by natural sediment being stirred up in the water mains may appear, presenting a cloudiness or rusty appearance. This sediment may be minimized by running water faucets until discoloration is gone.

For more information, call American Water Customer Service at 937-623-9786 during normal duty hours.

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