Combined Federal Campaign Cause of the Week: Children & Family Services

The Combined Federal Campaign is underway, allowing personnel and retirees to pledge monetary support and volunteer time to approved charities.

CFC’s Cause of the Week for Nov. 15-21 is “Children & Family Services.”

Children are the future of our community, nation and world. The emotional, physical and social development children receive, especially in their first 1,000 days of life, will have a direct impact on who they become as adults. It is every family’s and community’s responsibility to ensure our children have the best chance to succeed.

But many face tough challenges that can hinder their growth. Interpersonal violence is the fourth-leading cause of death among adolescents globally. Children and family services help with effective prevention and response strategies to address school-based bullying as well as reducing access to alcohol and firearms among children. These programs also support the development of educational opportunities and life skills. They provide counseling, advocacy, and welfare services when necessary.

The CFC makes it easy for all to change the world. Your donation to children and family services cause areas makes a huge impact not only in the individual lives currently, but also pays it forward for a better future for us all.

Curious to know how much of an impact your gift through the CFC could have?

$50 – Sponsors a child’s participation in a summer leadership camp.

$150 – Wraps warm, cozy blankets around 30 children displaced by conflict.

$150 – Trains 10 pediatricians to identify the signs of child abuse and trauma.

Federal workers can contribute to any of the thousands of participating charities by visiting the online pledge portal at

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