Commentary: Common operating picture yields results

Kevan Dilworth
Plans and Programs Division
88th Air Base Wing

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Kevan Dilworth Plans and Programs Division 88th Air Base Wing

Units work together on prep for ‘future fight’

At the 2019 Air Force Association’s Air, Space and Cyber Conference, Gen. David Goldfein detailed a deliberate path to reshape the force for multi-domain operations.

The former Air Force chief of staff realized this path incorporates strong efforts toward achieving new levels of interoperability, resiliency and integration to prepare for the “future fight.”

The 88th Air Base Wing’s effort to produce a working common operating picture that enhances leadership visibility of installation command and control (C2) demonstrates the strength of working together to achieve success. Each agency within the Air Force Incident Management System has embraced the Android Team Awareness Kit, and by working together, that success is happening at a much-faster pace than anyone expected.

Members of the 88th Security Forces Squadron, 788th Civil Engineer Squadron and 88th Medical Group have contributed teams of functional experts to aid in the research and development of ATAK in concert with Air Force Research Laboratory to support other agencies in future rollouts. With the strong teamwork of these participating agencies, the contributions will have far-reaching impacts for leaders to make timelier and well-informed decisions.

These key players continue to participate actively in local working groups, robust training and exercises, sharing with each other the needs and considerations of their respective functional areas for ideal implementation. It is the diversity of those teams with their collective experiences that will take ATAK beyond a wartime tool and adapt it for day-to-day leader command and control at the tactical and operational levels.

Culminating each evolutionary phase of this application’s rollout is the opportunity to present vital lessons and collective feedback to the C2 innovation working group at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, with leaders from across the Air Force seeking to leverage the qualitative and quantitative analytics produced by the 88 ABW ATAK team.

With their combined efforts, there’s no doubt the 88th Air Base Wing will achieve the widest success for the implementation of this interoperable and resilient C2 tool for tactical leaders.

Good luck, and go get ‘em, team!

TEAM = “Together Each Achieves More”

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