History office keeps organization’s stories alive, relevant

Although the organization has been around less than a decade, the legacy of Air Force acquisitions goes all the way back to the Wright brothers.

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center History Office is charged with keeping those stories alive.

Their mission according to Kevin Rusnak, AFLCMC historian, is to educate, advise and inspire leadership in the workforce through the professional research, collection, preservation, analysis, writing and dissemination of AFLCMC’s history and heritage.

“We don’t just collect this information, we use it,” Rusnak said. “It might be that the commander has asked us to answer a question or we’ve got an inquiry from outside where somebody needs to know something. We’ll use all of that material that we’ve researched and collected to provide some level analysis for them.”

Covering and organization as large and distributed as AFLCMC is a challenge for the two-person team.

“Our big rock, so to speak, is to get out and touch base with these organizations and different directorates within the center,” said Jason Engle, AFLCMC Historian. “Have them get to know us and what we’re doing, why we are wanting to either sit in on their meetings or why we are wanting to get documentation from them.”

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