New Contraceptive Clinic at Wright-Patt provides improved access to care

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Wright-Patterson Medical Center Women’s Health Clinic expands walk-in services

Wright-Patterson Medical Center has launched its new walk-in Contraceptive Clinic within the second-floor Women’s Health Clinic that serves TRICARE beneficiaries.

The Contraceptive Clinic opened July 16 to provide expanded and improved access to care. Beneficiaries ages 16 and older who want birth-control options are able to take advantage of these services.

“Women have the potential to obtain all forms of contraception within the walk in clinic,” said Maj. Casey Lynch, Women’s Health Clinic nurse practitioner. “The Women’s Health Clinic was in the beginning process of initiating a walk-in contraception program when it then became a Defense Health Agency directive for military training flights.”

The clinic provides oral contraceptive pills, transdermal patches, Depo-Provera injections, Nexplanon implants and emergency contraception, as well as contraceptive rings and IUDs with same-day placement.

To streamline the process, the Women’s Health Clinic emulated the Navy model, which enables beneficiaries to simply walk in without having to visit their primary caregiver first.

“Beneficiaries do not need to visit their PCM prior to being seen in this clinic,” Lynch said. “By minimizing barriers to reliable contraception, we have the ability to improve readiness among our active-duty service women.”

Prior to receiving contraceptives, a screening method is used to determine medical-eligibility criteria regarding use of combined hormonal contraceptives. Women are required to take a pregnancy test upon registering.

“To ensure we are providing you with a safe contraceptive option, medical history is gathered on the intake during the visit,” Lynch said.

Patients receive a minimum three-month supply of contraceptives with enough refills to last a year.

As with most TRICARE benefits, there is no cost associated with obtaining contraception.

The walk-in Contraceptive Clinic is open each Friday from 7:45 to 11:15 a.m. on a first-come, first-served basis. Call 937-257-1160 for more information.

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