Shoppers generate $349,869.22 for Wright-Patterson quality-of-life programs

Army & Air Force Exchange Service

Army & Air Force Exchange Service shoppers make life better for military communities around the world and, in 2021, they did their part, generating $349,869.22 in critical support for Air Force and Space Force quality-of-life programs at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

In total, Exchange shoppers worldwide generated $205 million in support last year, which was provided directly to the services. In the last 10 years, the Exchange has provided $3.5 billion in earnings for military quality-of-life programs.

A 100% of Exchange earnings are re-invested in military communities, with about 60% historically going to support on-base quality-of-life programs and remaining earnings used to further enhance the shopping experience at BXs, Expresses and online at

“Thank you to the community for helping make life at Wright-Patterson better,” said Wright-Patterson Exchange General Manager Adam Shaw. “When you shop the BX, fill up at the Express or eat at the Exchange food court, you bolster vital support for Airmen and their families.”

Wright-Patterson Airmen and families can read about the ways shopping their Exchange supports military communities worldwide in the Exchange’s 2021 Mission Report, which can be found on Exchange’s online Community Hub at Worldwide 2021 efforts include:

· Welcoming 575,000 new shoppers, as a change in Department of Defense policy allowed DOD and Coast Guard civilian employees and retirees to shop the Exchange.

· Serving 59,000 troops overseas throughout 45 military exercises.

· Expanding career opportunities for veterans and military spouses. More than 54,000 veterans and spouses have been hired since 2013, and the Exchange is aiming to increase that number to 75,000 by 2026.

· Increasing wellness services with the opening of the Exchange’s first chiropractic clinic, joining more than 260 vision centers, durable medical equipment stores, dental offices, nutrition centers and more.

· Upgrading the shopping experience with renovations or new construction at 21 stores.

“It matters where you shop,” Shaw said. “Choosing the Exchange makes a difference for the Wright-Patterson family.”

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