Work and play: Who says you can’t have both?

Finding love for a sport is one thing, but getting to tie that into your job is a dream come true.

1st Lt. Markez Davis is the Command Officer Promotions Program Manager at Headquarters, Air Force Materiel Command.

“Right now I oversee officer promotions. We are in charge of every promotional board that comes up at the AFMC level,” Davis said.

When Davis is not in the office, you might find him honing his skills at a nearby field. He is a two-year, All-Air Force rugby team veteran and is in the process of trying out for his third year as a member of the team.

Davis started playing rugby his senior year of college after a football injury and hasn’t looked back since.

“Rugby seemed like the natural progression,” said Davis.

For Davis, the leadership skills he honed in on as a rugby player have helped him both on the field and as an Air Force officer.

“Honestly, the leadership perspective [helps] and the ability to see things two steps ahead, because rugby is definitely a game where you have to be aware of a lot. The Air Force is the same way,” Davis said. “You have to make sure you are conscious of what is going on around you in both.”

Davis discussed how a work/life/sports balance is very important to him, and the Air Force helps him with that.

“I was kind of introduced to the military through sports. That was really my first love, so being able to do both and also represent the occupation in this amazing force keeps me pushing every day,” Davis said.

As he prepares to join the team for his third year, Davis has only positivity to share. He is excited to be around his rugby family again and to be back on the field, following restrictions related to COVID-19.

“I saw my teammates continue working [throughout the pandemic]. They continue to motivate me,” said Davis. “We have been a very successful team, and I really attribute that to the brotherhood that we have not only with the players, but with the coaches too.”

Looking towards the future, Davis has large goals for himself and the Air Force rugby team.

“I’m hoping we get a gold medal,” Davis said. “The first two years when I played, we got silver. I am also trying to make it in the World Class Athlete Program, which is where you can actually go on to try and be on the USA Olympic team. My end goal is to not only get gold with my team now, but also try and pursue that for the 2024 Olympics.”

Davis strongly recommended anyone who may be interested in joining the rugby team to give it a go.

“I just started in 2017, and I am already even eligible to possibly make an Olympic trial run. So if you have an athletic bone in your body, if you love competition, if you love family-- I say try out,” he said.

The All-Air Force rugby team is on all social media platforms and at under the ‘Sports’ section. Davis encourages anyone who is interested to reach out on any of those platforms or to send him a message.

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