Wright-Patterson spotlight

Name and rank: 1st Lt. Kristi Nascimbeni

Duty title: Clinical nurse, Medical-Surgical Unit

Unit of assignment: 88th Inpatient Operations Squadron

What do you do at Wright-Patt? I am a clinical nurse assigned to the Medical-Surgical Unit. I’m responsible for total nursing care of our precious Department of Defense beneficiaries while they are admitted to Wright-Patterson Medical Center. As a charge nurse on the MSU, I have tactical control of the 40-bed unit and lead seven registered nurses and five medics during my assigned shift. I am also a nurse preceptor who is responsible for the oversight and direction of new Air Force nurses.

Why are you and your job important to the Air Force, AFMC and WPAFB?

MSU’s mission is “Be clinically sound, mission-ready medics.” I ensure that quality care is rendered based on the current evidence. I will seek out “teachable moments” for our junior members in order to start the process of them gaining the experience needed to become mission-ready medics.

“Lieutenant Nascimbeni has demonstrated she is a clinically sound, mission-ready medic,” said Maj. Gary Webb, Medical-Surgical Unit Flight commander. “She was recently identified as a ‘top performer’ during the Ultimate Caduceus training exercise.”

Ultimate Caduceus is Transportation Command’s annual patient-movement field training exercise, designed to test and demonstrate how medical providers and aircrews can work together to improve capabilities and response times.

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