Wright-Patterson spotlight

Name and rank? Peter E. Simmons, Civilian, WG-6

Duty title? Cook

Unit of assignment: 88th Diagnostics and Therapeutics Squadron/Nutritional Medicine Flight

What do you do at Wright-Patt? As a cook, I am responsible for preparing and serving nutritious meals to over 135,000 patients, staff and visitors at the Wright-Patterson Medical Center annually.

Why are you and your job important to the Air Force and WPAFB?

My job is extremely important to the Air Force and Wright-Patterson AFB community. Nutrition is a vital aspect of an individual’s overall health and readiness. My job entails preparing meals that are consistent with a patient’s diagnosis, which may aid in their recovery while admitted to the hospital. In addition, preparing meals for the staff ensures that they are fueled to accomplish the mission.

I feel that my prior experience in food service as a retired diet therapy technician gives me invaluable skills not only in the food service aspect of it but also in molding and mentoring both civilian and military staff that I work with. I truly enjoy being a team player and once again, being a part of the Air Force and Wright-Patterson AFB community.

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