6 ways to help snow plow and salt truck drivers clear roads

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

With snow and ice anticipated in the forecast, salt truck drivers do require the public’s assistance to help crews be more efficient.

Here are some ways to help keep the salt truck drivers and motorists safe:

  1. Move all vehicles from the street if possible to ensure drivers can clear the snow from the roads more efficiently.
  2. When using a snowblower or shoveling a driveway, DO NOT put the snow into the street, especially after a salt truck has plowed the road.
  3. The snow has to go off to the side of the road or into the right of way area, which includes driveway aprons. To save some work, wait until the driver has finished plowing the street. Then shovel the driveway apron. (NOTE: the goal is to clear the street from curb to curb.)
  4. Do not try to pass a snowplow or salt truck. Motorists should stay 100 feet back from salt trucks.
  5. Every truck has blind spots, so don’t assume the driver can see all vehicles behind them. Do not pull up behind a salt truck, and stay 100 feet back.
  6. Roads are plowed by priority. Requests are not taken for specific streets to be plowed.

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