911 Call: Dayton man requests police after killing two teens he says trespassed on property

Two teens were fatally shot in Dayton Wednesday night, and in a 911 call obtained by this newsroom, a man admits to shooting the two boys after they trespassed on his property.

“I’ve shot two guys,” he tells the dispatcher. “They are in the garage.”

The dispatcher has difficulty understanding the caller, because of his accent, but eventually comes to understand what happened and sends police.

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Officers arrive while he’s on the phone with the dispatcher, and he says that he has put his weapon on the ground.

“I am going to put it on the floor. I am outside of the front door.”

According to Lt. Steven Bauer, the property owner called 911 immediately following the shooting, and cooperated with officers when they arrived on scene.

The man has yet to be identified, but the victims were named by the coroner’s office as Javier Harrison and Devin Henderson.

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