Alleged apple pie thief leads grocery guard on handcuffed chase

Zachary C. Kossoudji, Montgomery County Jail
Zachary C. Kossoudji, Montgomery County Jail

A handcuffed, alleged apple pie thief led an Aldi security guard on a chase into woods behind the grocery store.

Around 2:36 p.m. Sunday, Dayton police were called to Aldi, 4303 W. Third St., on a shoplifting complaint.

Zachary C. Kossoudji, 24, was eventually jailed on charges of theft, possessing drug abuse instruments, and warrants related to traffic offenses. 
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A Dayton police report indicates a security guard at the store watched Kossoudji steal a Hostess apple pie worth 49 cents.

The guard confronted Kossoudji, and the suspect allowed him to search his bag.

The security guard found three syringes either on Kossoudji or in his bag.

At that point, Kossoudji was handcuffed but eventually tried to escape arrest by running away. The guard chased the man into the woods behind the store and even discharged a Taser on the suspect, according to the police report.

Kossoudji suffered some minor injuries, according to police. He was taken to Grandview Medical Center and then booked into Montgomery County Jail.

The stolen apple pie was returned to the store.