Annual Newcomers Expo reaches out to new employees

To give new hires a greater perspective of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, the center held its annual Newcomers Expo Oct. 3 at the Wright-Patterson Club.

This year’s event drew a large crowd and featured presentations highlighting the work and mission of various directorates throughout AFLCMC.

The expo started with comments from Col. Teresa Quick, AFLCMC vice commander, who welcomed new hires and gave attendees facts on AFLCMC. She emphasized how the center is a crucial part of Air Force and encouraged the newcomers to learn as much as they could from the various booths available as they started their AFLCMC journey.

“We have been increasing our efforts to add new people to our diverse work force in various disciplines. Thank you for your decision to serve in this amazing organization. Our 26,000-plus folks across the nation make up roughly 4 percent of the Air Force and are responsible for everything, excluding pure nuclear and space (satellites),” Quick added.

AFLCMC systems and equipment were showcased by center directorates explaining how they are helping make a difference every day and aiding the Air Force mission. From the interactive booths and displays, everyone was able to gain a better understanding of each part of AFLCMC.

“The expo helps to bring awareness of everything AFLCMC does. Many people view AFLCMC as just their department, but we show employees just how large AFLCMC really is. On top of that the expo allows everyone to network,” said Susan Shriver with the Engineering Directorate.

New hires attending the expo remarked that it was beneficial for them and helped them get a greater understanding of AFLCMC as a whole.

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“It’s very important to know exactly what you work for in order to better understand your specific job and how it applies to the entire organization. It’s really cool to be able to see more of AFLCMC and learn more about all of its components. As a new hire, until now I didn’t realize how big AFLCMC really was,” said new hire Sara Nolan.

Attendees voted on their favorite booth at the end of the expo. In first place was the Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Special Operations Forces Directorate followed by the Agile Combat Support Directorate in second, and the Fighters and Bomber Directorate in third place.

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