Attendance down again at school following threats

Tipp City schools officials Friday found a threatening message in a restroom for the third straight day.

“Until we catch someone and do some consequences, it is likely we’ll get a note every day,” Superintendent John Kronour said.

Friday’s message, like a note found Wednesday and graffiti found Thursday, included threatening language and was left in a boys’ restroom at Tippecanoe High School.

Kronour said different procedures for use of restrooms would be implemented while police and school officials continue to investigate the threats.

Friday’s message on a stall included a depiction of a gun, Police Detective Sgt. Chris Graham said.

The note found Wednesday was written on toilet paper and mentioned the Columbine school shootings. The Thursday graffiti made reference to a shooting followed by “ha,ha,ha,” Graham said.

Both Graham and Kronour said they believe more than one person made the threats. Kronour said there are three different styles of handwriting.

Graham said at least two and maybe three individuals have left messages. “I think they like the attention,” he said. He said police have interviewed some students, but have no suspects. Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

Police will continue to take reports of any incidents and continue walk throughs of district buildings, Graham said.

Parents received a phone message all three days from the schools discussing the threats.

“We are doing everything we can to keep students safe,” Kronour said. “We will continue to deal with it.”

He described the atmosphere in buildings as “calm.”

Students arriving at the high school Thursday were met by officers and dogs from Wright Patterson Air Force Base, who checked bags and all belongings. Tipp City police were on hand Friday morning, but not the dogs, which Kronour said surprised some students.

Around 200 more students than normal this time of year were absent Thursday; Friday, it was around 100 more than normal. Those absent are being excused. Police also have been more visible at the middle and elementary schools.

The schools will be closed Monday for Presidents’ Day. “Hopefully, the three-day weekend will help,” Graham said.