Australian woman bitten by python in bathroom

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Woman Bitten by Python Hiding in Toilet

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Turn on the lights when using the bathroom. Especially in Australia.

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A woman in Brisbane was bitten by a 5-foot carpet python that was in the toilet Tuesday, snake catchers told

Helen Richards, 59, was bitten by the non-venomous snake while visiting a relative's home and received minor puncture wounds, the BBC reported.

"As you can imagine, she jumped up quite quickly," a representative for Snake Catchers Ipswich, Brisbane & Logan wrote in a Facebook post. "It all happened so fast, and she initially thought it was a frog."

Snake handler Jasmine Zeleny, who removed the snake, told the BBC it was common to find snakes seeking water in toilets during hot weather.

The snake catcher said the reptile’s exit point was blocked and it “simply lashed out in fear.”

The snake was safely removed, reported.

And Richards said she would turn on the lights and check the toilet bowl from now on, the network reported.

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