GE Aviation to invest $200M in two new factories

GE Aviation announced the investment of more than $200 million to construct two new factories.

The company broke ground today on two adjacent factories in Alabama, which will mass-produce silicon carbide (SiC) materials used in manufacturing components. SiC materials are used to manufacture ceramic matrix composite components (CMCs), according to a release. Those components are used for jet engines and land-based gas turbines for electric power.

"GE Aviation is creating a fully integrated supply chain for producing CMC components in large volume, which is unique to the United States," said Sanjay Correa, vice president who leads the industrialization of advanced technologies.

The two factories will be built on 100 acres in Huntsville, and they expect to employ 300 people when the plants are fully operational. The company expects to begin hiring the hourly workforce later this year.

Production will begin in 2018.

GE Aviation is an operation unit of General Electric Co., Ohio’s largest manufacturing employer of more than 15,000 people, according to state records. In Southwest Ohio, where its aviation unit is headquartered, GE anchors an aerospace parts manufacturing industry that employs thousands in the region, including two locations in Dayton.

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