Baguirov steps down early from Dayton school board

Adil Baguirov is stepping down from his Dayton school board seat more than a month before the end of his term, because he said he has officially moved out of the school district.

Baguirov did not run for re-election to the school board this year, citing plans to run for the Ohio House of Representatives 40th District seat in November 2018. That House district runs across the northern strip of Montgomery County, and to run for that office in 2018, Baguirov had to establish residency there one year in advance.

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Baguirov’s limited liability company, Metropolis Holdings LLC, has owned both a condo in downtown Dayton and a large home in Butler Twp. on Meeker Commons Lane for the past two years. When Baguirov was questioned about his residency in June, he said he lived in the downtown condo. On Thursday, he said he officially moved to the Butler Twp. home just before election day.

Online records showed his voter registration was switched to the Meeker Commons Lane address before Nov. 7.

“I timed it for the November election,” Baguirov said. “I notified my (school board) colleagues and President (Robert) Walker back in October that I wouldn’t be attending the, I think it’s four meetings, in November and December. I’m de facto vacating my seat.”

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Local activist David Esrati accused Baguirov in April of illegally serving on the Dayton school board while living at the Butler Twp. home, publishing documents about Baguirov’s properties and companies. Baguirov denied that in June, saying he lived in the Cooper Place condo.

Esrati threatened legal action this week if Baguirov didn’t step down immediately, given the official switch of his voter registration address. Esrati said Thursday that he plans to follow through with a court filing, saying that Baguirov has been ineligible to serve on the board all year.

Dayton Public Schools board policy requires them to fill a vacant school board seat “not earlier than 10 days nor later than 30 days after the vacancy occurs.” DPS attorney Jyllian Bradshaw said Baguirov reported that he moved Nov. 1, so DPS is treating that as the effective date of the vacancy.

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Bradshaw said the school board is expected to fill the vacancy at the Nov. 21 board meeting. Since the vacancy would only last until Baguirov’s term expires, it is possible the school board will select one of the four newly elected candidates to fill the spot for those six weeks until their regular term begins.

Board President Robert Walker could not immediately be reached for comment.

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