Boehner opponent challenges Speaker to debate

The Democratic opponent running against Rep. John Boehner wants to debate the Republican before the November election.

Democratic nominee Tom Poetter, an Oxford resident and Miami University professor, has offered to debate Boehner at any time or place, within the confines of Butler, Mercer, Preble, Darke, Clark and Miami counties.

Poetter said if Boehner accepts the deal, he would allow the sitting congressman to chose the audience, venue, date and time the debate would occur.

“Many of his constituents would like to hear from him regarding the legislation he has brought to the floor for a vote as Speaker,” Poetter said in a news release. “On behalf of all constituents of District 8 we are inviting him to defend his record as a member of the Republican leadership.”

Poetter said the Speaker has never engaged in a debate with his challengers for the District 8 Congressional seat.

In 2010, Democratic challenger Justin Coussoule’s offer to debate Boehner went unrequited.

In an emailed statement, a spokeswoman for the Speaker said Boehner’s “constituents know that if they have a question about where he stands on any issue all they need to do is ask him.”

She did not answer if Boehner plans to take up Poetter’s offer for a debate.