Citizen yells at Dayton leaders after cited for biking infractions

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Willie Feaster yells at city commish

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Willie Feaster, a 59-year-old Dayton resident, loudly shouted at Dayton commissioners this morning during their weekly commission meeting after being cited by police for various violations while biking downtown.

Feaster regularly speaks during the citizens’ comments portions of commission meetings, usually to either praise or criticize city leaders or police officials. Feaster often talks about incidents of violence in the city.

Earlier today, Feaster became agitated and upset while speaking at the podium.

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Feaster said a police officer stopped him while he was riding his bike downtown and cited him for not wearing a helmet, not having bike lights and riding on the sidewalk.

The alleged violations, which are minor misdemeanors, occurred last week.

Feaster said that people are “sitting down at Third and Main all day and night selling dope around the clock” and yet police instead stop him for bike infractions.

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“Leave me alone,” he shouted, before pounding his fist on the podium. “You don’t have no reason to do this, but you want to do it out of spite.”

“I’m tired of being nice, man,” he said. “I’ll fight anyone.”

Feaster turned to the audience and loudly addressed police Chief Richard Biehl, “You tell them to leave me alone.”

Feaster eventually was escorted away from the podium by a police officer when his time ran out to address the commission.

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