Coronavirus: Crocs launches ‘A Free Pair for Healthcare’ program

Credit: David Silverman/Getty Images

Credit: David Silverman/Getty Images

Crocs has come out with a new program, "A Free Pair for Healthcare,” and 14,000 pairs of shoes are already set to be donated to the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association to distribute through the local Ohio health systems.

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Dayton Children’s, Kettering Medical Center, Miami Valley Hospital, and Wilson Memorial Hospital are among some of the facilities receiving deliveries.

Heidelberg Distributing Company is helping effort the distribution of the shoes.

“Like everyone, we've been closely monitoring the news and working hard to map out a way to most effectively help where we can, “ said Crocs President and CEO Andrew Rees.

The company is donating shoes in two ways. They will be fulfilling online orders as well as donating up to 100,000 pairs of shoes that will be distributed across a number of select healthcare facilities and organizations such as Jobs Ohio and the Dayton Area Hospital Association.

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Crocs says they are prepared to fulfill and ship up to 10,000 pairs of shoes a day from online orders across the U.S. The program’s duration will depend on inventory and number of requests, according to a release.

“Over the past week, we have spoken to healthcare workers, their facilities and even their family and friends, and they have specifically asked for our shoes in an effort to provide ease on their feet, as well as ease of mind as they need the ability to easily clean up before they go home to their families,” Rees said.

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“These workers have our deepest respect, and we are humbled to be able to answer their call and provide whatever we can to help during this unprecedented time."

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