Dayton’s Pine Club named one of nation’s best steakhouses

The Pine Club has made yet another list -- this one ranking the iconic Dayton restaurant as one of the best steakhouses in the nation, according to

The writer of the piece, "United Steaks of America," described their decision this way: "Serving the best steaks in town since 1947, The Pine Club... has remained virtually unchanged in its 70 years in business, and that's why we love it."

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The writer chooses the best steakhouse in each of the 51 states. The article was published to the site this week.

"What a thrill and what a testament to 70 years of friendships," owner David Hulme said Friday night. "You always need to look for better ways of doing the same thing."

Hulme said he has worked hard during his 40 years of ownership to make sure the Pine Club is what his customers want, that the Pine Club keeps its same ambiance and values.

"Change for the sake of change doesn't make any sense at all," he said.

The editors of Tasting Table describe it as "a website and newsletter for culinary enthusiasts."

In recent years, the restaurant has scored other national and international recognition.

In June 2015, the Pine Club was included in an episode of the Food Network's "Top 5 Restaurants."

In December 2013, it was included in a list of “10 of the World’s Greatest Old Dining Institutions” by a writer for T Magazine, the New York Times Style Magazine, joining restaurants in Paris, London, and New York City.

Six months before that, Michael Stern, co-author of “Roadfood,” identified the Pine Club as his favorite steakhouse in the country in a USA Today story.

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