Fire crews unable to rescue ducklings from storm drain in Miamisburg

Miami Valley fire crews attempted to rescue a group of ducklings stuck in a storm drain off Cabbage Key Drive in Miamisburg Thursday evening. 

Concerned citizens called the fire department when they heard the mother duck and saw her circling the drain. 

Maria Rogers, a resident of the area, was able to rescue some of the ducklings that fell approximately 15 feet into the drain. 

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“We played an audio clip of a mama duck and they would come up when we would,” Rogers told News Center 7’s John Bedell. “We scooped them up after that.” 

Rogers and the other residents who assisted were able to rescue four out of the seven ducklings from the drain.

“Unfortunately, this doesn’t have a feel good story to it,” Lieutenant Toby Borger of the Miami Valley Fire District said. “We’ve exhausted all our efforts. Hopefully Mom comes back and they wander on out.”

Storm drain on Cabbage Key Dr. in Miamisburg where a group of seven ducklings wandered into and fell approximately 15 feet.
Photo: John Bedell / Staff

Lt. Borger said the remaining ducklings backed further into the drainage pipes when crews tried to get them out. Efforts to retrieve the ducklings lasted about 30 minutes, but eventually they moved too far back for crews to reach them.

“I think we’ll be checking in on them and see if we can get them out a little bit later after,” Rogers said.

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Lt. Borger said the best thing to do in these situations is to try and get the ducklings out yourself first, then call for help. Fire crews have special tools to open storm drains and Borger says they are happy to help.

Of the fire department’s work, Rogers said they “went above and beyond” and did “excellent work.” 


Fire crews are working to rescue a group of ducklings from a storm drain on Cabbage Key Drive in Miamisburg. 

News Center 7’s John Bedell is at the scene.

We will bring you more details as soon as they become available.

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