Here’s how Dayton plans to decriminalize pot in the new year


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The first piece of legislation the Dayton City Commission will consider in 2019 would change city code to decriminalize minor marijuana offenses.

The commission on Wednesday will consider an ordinance that eliminates fines and suspends all court costs for minor misdemeanor marijuana or hashish offenses.

The proposed legislation comes about two months after Dayton residents overwhelmingly voted in favor of marijuana decriminalization.

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On Wednesday, city commissioners are expected to have the first reading of an ordinance that amends multiple sections of city of Dayton code.

The proposed legislation eliminates a $150 fine and other court costs for minor pot offenses.

The ordinance also says that an arrest or conviction for a minor misdemeanor marijuana offense “does not constitute a criminal record” and does not need to be reported when people apply for jobs, licenses or other rights or privileges.

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Under the proposal, possession of less than 100 grams of marijuana in Dayton is a minor misdemeanor. Possessing less than five grams of solid hashish and one gram of liquid hash would be a minor misdemeanor.

Possession of paraphernalia only used for marijuana or hash would be a minor misdemeanor. Gifting 20 grams or less of marijuana also would be a minor misdemeanor.

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