Life-long mates Orv and Willa nesting eggs for third time at Carillon Park

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Orv and Willa nesting eggs for third time at Carillon Park?

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Familiar bald eagles, Orv and Willa, are nesting in the sycamore tree above Wright Hall inside Carillon Historical Park for a third year.

The egg is expected to hatch around March 25, said Jim Weller, founder of the Eastwood Eagle Watchers.

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In recent days, Weller and bystanders have been watching and waiting for clues that could indicate the baby’s arrival, according to our news partners at the Dayton Daily News.

“I’m always like an expectant father pacing back and forth,” Weller said.

“Willa was on the nest most of the morning and I saw her roll the egg,” he said.

To keep the embryo from attaching to the egg wall, eagles stand up and roll their eggs over, our Dayton Daily news partners said.

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Rolling the egg over also helps expel gasses produced by embryonic development and allows oxygen into the egg.

Weller expects Willa to lay a second egg Thursday or Friday he said.

Thirteen years ago, there were no known bald eagles in the area and now there are approximately a dozen, Weller estimates.

Orv and Willa’s nest at the Carillon Historical Park provides the community with the  unique experience of seeing a family of bald eagles grow up close.

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