Miamisburg residents can apply for home improvement grant

Residents of Miamisburg have a chance to make significant repairs to their home at no personal cost.

The city is taking applications for people to apply for more than $7,000 in grants through the Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program.

Funded by the Community Development Block Grant Fund, the program allows qualified applicants to receive up to $7,100 in interior/exterior home repairs.

Exterior examples:


Porch repairs



Tree removal

Interior examples: 




Who qualifies: 

1. Own & live in home

2. Fee simple deed

3. Current on property taxes

4. Homeowners insurance

5. Income at or below:

Household Size:                         1 person  2 person  3 person  4 person  5 person  6 person  7 person  8 person

(80% Area Median Income):   $35,650    $40,750    $45,850    $50,900   $55,000    $59,050     $63,150   $67,200

Applications must be received by April 27. To apply, please contact Courtney Schneider at 937-531-7046, or