Dayton region’s job numbers seemed almost too good to be true. But they were.

Dayton-area leaders don’t have to hedge any longer: August’s job numbers really were exceptional.

Payrolls in the Dayton metro area grew 1.2 percent in August, or 4,600 jobs. The metro area consists of Montgomery, Greene and Miami counties.

It was the largest increase in jobs since August 1998 and was the second largest increase since at least 1990. Usually, the metro area in a good month adds 1,000 to 1,500 jobs.

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Employment also increased in September by about 600 jobs (0.2 percent increase), according to preliminary labor data.

Preliminary federal labor data released last month suggested that the Dayton metro area saw payrolls grow by 1.3 percent (or 4,900 jobs) in August.

But that data, being preliminary, was sure to undergo revision. Some local officials worried the gains might not be nearly as robust as initially reported.

They said August looked really good but cautioned about celebrating prematurely.

Revised labor data released today show it wasn’t a mirage. The job growth was exceedingly good.

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The local economy has some good trends happening, but there’s definitely been setbacks.

The region’s employment has increased year-over-year in every month since the middle of 2013.

But it’s been a bumpy ride month to month. So far in 2018, employment decreased in five months and increased in four.