Owner of car dealership stops stolen vehicle using tracking device

The owner of a car dealership on Webster Street used a GPS tracking device to disable an automatic car that was stolen from his dealership.

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Sam Shalash, owner of Shalash Sales and Services, received a call that his car dealership was broken into Aug. 4 and at least one car was reportedly stolen.

Shalash was able to track the stolen vehicle using Advantage, a GPS tracking system he puts on all of his vehicles, he said.

The system is used to turn off vehicles that customers haven’t been making payments on.

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The stolen vehicle was headed for Cincinnati traveling over 100 mph when police attempted to pull the vehicle over. Police gave Shalash permission to disable the vehicle.

“I disconnected the starter from the GPS device and they wrecked. It was actually a pretty serious wreck,” said Shalash.

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