Scam callers reportedly targeting DP&L customers

Credit: Thomas Gnau

Credit: Thomas Gnau

Dayton Power and Light warned of possible scam calls directed at their customers threatening to cut off service.

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Customers have reported receiving phone calls that appear to be from DP&L, indicating that electric service would be disconnected if the customer did not call back within an hour with payment, according to a press release.

The company reminded customer of three common scams, including:

  • Callers threatening disconnection if payment is not received immediately.
  • Callers asking customers to send a pre-paid debit card to pay their bill or to replace dangerous equipment.
  • Callers targeting small businesses during peak hours such as restaurants at lunch time. The scammers try to catch employees off guard to gain account information, and to instill fear that power will be turned off.

If you receive a call you believe might be spam, hang up and call DP&L at 800-433-8500 before complying with any requests.

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Scams may also use email, social media, phone calls or door-to-door visits.

For more information on how to protect yourself against scams, visit DP&L's website.

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