Small private plane makes emergency landing at Wright-Patt

A small private plane made an emergency landing Tuesday on a taxiway at Wright-Patterson because the pilot said the aircraft was running low on fuel, a base spokesman said.

The single-engine propeller plane had a pilot and passenger aboard, but the names of the two men and the type of aircraft involved were not immediately released Tuesday.

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The aircraft landed on Taxiway B of Area A about 1:30 p.m. near the main runway, according to Wright-Patterson spokesman Daryl Mayer.

Base security forces set up a perimeter around the airplane and investigated the scene, Mayer said.

The pilot did not make radio contact with air traffic controllers at Wright-Patterson before landing, but he did radio he was low on fuel after the landing, Mayer said.

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The pilot was not expected to face charges for landing on the military airfield, Mayer said.

“Certainly, in an emergency situation during extraordinary circumstances there are allowances that can be made,” the spokesman said.

The plane will be allowed to refuel and leave the air base, Mayer said late Tuesday afternoon.

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