Who’s removing political signs from public property? Government officials

Political signs are being removed from residential yards in Washington Twp. - and local officials are the ones taking them, says NewsCenter 7's Sean Cudahy.

One of the biggest violations local officials see are signs being placed on the grassy spots between the road and the sidewalk, which is public property and in violation of the law.

Township officials have workers going out and pulling up signs if they're placed in the public right of way.

You can find a political sign for every candidate and just about every issue on the May 8 ballot.

Washington Twp.'s development director said they've seen an influx of signs to their offices, which is typical for the weeks leading to an election.

But it's about zoning rules - not your politics - when your sign gets pulled up by government officials.

"I really don't care for them, they're kind of tacky because people put a whole bunch of them in one area a lot of times, where just one would probably suffice," said Travis Charles of Washington Twp.

"I'm glad these workers are cracking down. If you put them out on public property, then if they get ripped up, they get ripped up."

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