Valley Street in North Dayton to undergo significant construction

A $1 million construction project on Valley Street in North Dayton was approved by city officials on Wednesday, with hopes to complete the project by fall.

Joe Weinel, an engineer of the city of Dayton, will be working on the project that includes removing a section of Valley Street and will affect the roadway until Keowee Street.

Drivers will soon travel down Tony Stein Way where they will be met with a new intersection and traffic light, opposed to the "Y", or three-way intersection.

The traffic light currently there will be removed.

This project will combine the North Dayton War Memorial and the Flood Memorial parks into one, and is expected to benefit both drivers, pedestrians and those enjoying the park.

"At the peak hours, there might be a little more delay than what people are used to, but as far as overall, it will work better and is definitely better for pedestrians," Weinel said.

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