In campaign launch, Jon Husted says he ‘learned how to win’ at UD

Secretary of State Jon Husted kicked off his campaign for the 2018 Republican nomination for Ohio governor on Monday at his alma mater, the University of Dayton.

Husted learned how to persevere at UD, where he played on the school’s football team, he said atop UD Arena’s flight deck. Husted was not guaranteed a spot on the team when starting college and had to work for it, his former coach Mike Kelly said.

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“That’s what I learned at the University of Dayton,” Husted said. “I learned how to win.”

Husted’s first campaign speech on Monday was premised on the idea of winning for Ohio. He said he sees the people of the state as his teammates.

As governor, Husted said he’d like to help create a better future by ensuring peole the “American dream is alive here in Ohio” and by helping more people get ahead in life.

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Husted called on the state to innovate and as the world changes to “change along with it.” The states that “innovate at the pace of change” will be the winners while the rest will fall behind, he said.

Husted also touched on the 2016 presidential election on Tuesday. In a video just before coming onstage, Husted knocked former president Barack Obama and 2016 presidential candidate Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“There’s no doubt my family would firmly fit in Hillary Clinton’s basket of deplorables and we’re proud of it,” he said.


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