Cedarville student returns to school after flood displaces family


Bekah Luce didn’t know last week if she would be able to return to Cedarville University.

Luce, a junior nursing major from Denham Springs, La., and her family lost all of their possessions due to the flooding.

Luce was on live this morning on AM 1290 and News 95.7 WHIO to talk about the flooding in Louisiana.

“My dad and brothers were home at the time, and my dad heard somebody screaming really loud at 5:45 in the morning,” Luce said. “He walked outside and realized the water was up at our door and it was starting to come in and it was rising really fast. We really didn’t have much of a warning.”

Luce, her mother and one sister departed their home on Aug. 12 for relatives in Arkansas as the waters began to rise in Denham Springs. Her father and two brothers remained at their house to try to save as much of their belongings as possible.

They were not successful, as the water level rose from three feet early morning Aug. 13 to an excess of five feet by the end of the day. It was then when her brothers and father decided to leave the house for the safety of Amite Baptist Church, where Luce’s father is the pastor.

Luce said they opened the church as a shelter, but they had to be rescued there.

Luce said the family lost “over 90 percent.”

“We’ve tried to save some clothes, pots and pans, some things we could salvage; pictures and memories,” Luce said. “We’re safe. I’m thankful for that.”

Luce was able to get back to Cedarville with a college friend. She said her mother was going to follow them up, but the car was damaged in the flood.

They are doubtful the house will be salvaged, nor their car that was parked in their driveway.

“I hadn’t seen the sun until I came north to Ohio for school,” Luce said. “It was refreshing to see the sun and not get rained on all day.”

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