5 chilling facts to know about Pike County shooting

Law enforcement urges anyone with information to call 1-855-BCI-Ohio or the Pike County Sheriff's office.

1. The eight killed were all part of the Rhoden family. The shootings took place across four homes and within 30 miles.

2. It appears that some of the family members were killed execution style while they slept, according to Attorney General DeWine.

3. When asked if it seems this particular family was targeted the sheriff replied, “I would suspect.” The family has since been given precautionary measures to take by law enforcement.

4. One mother was killed in her bed with the 4- day old baby “right there,” said Attorney General DeWine.  Three children survived  the shooting, a 4- day-old, one 6 months old and a 3-years-old.

5. As of this moment the Pike County shooter is still at large. The sheriff warns people to “lock their doors and stay alert.”

“This is a horrible tragedy that has occurred here in Pike County,” said Attorney General DeWine.

The events that took place Friday, April 22,  are still being investigated by law enforcement and the Attorney General’s office.

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