WATCH: Video shows Clark County man charged with murder confront Uber driver

Investigators say 81-year-old man charged with murder killed Uber driver who came to pick up package.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office shared more details regarding an 81-year-old man they said shot and killed a woman outside his Clark County home late last month and who now faces murder charges.

According to a release from the sheriff’s office, William Brock, of Madison Twp., initially told police that he had been the target of a scam, with a man having threatened him and his family on the phone. He had told investigators that when Lo-Letha Hall, 61, of Franklin County, came to his home, he thought she would hurt him.

The shooting happened at 11:18 a.m. March 25 in the 7000 block of South Charleston-Clifton Road.

According to the sheriff’s office, further investigation found Brock had received scam calls and was threatened, and Hall received notification from the same person or an accomplice of that person to pick up a package for delivery at Brock’s home as part of her Uber delivery job.

Hall arrived at Brock’s home and “made no threats or assaults toward Mr. Brock, and made no demands, other than to ask about the package she was sent to retrieve through the Uber App,” according to the release.

Brock then allegedly produced a gun and demanded she give him the identities with the scammers he has spoken with. He is also accused of taking her cell phone and preventing her from leaving.

“Mr. Brock, during this encounter, made no attempts to summon help or call 911 for assistance,” the release stated.

According to the release, Hall attempted to get in her car to leave and Brock shot her. He was injured on his head and ear in the “subsequent scuffle” and he shot her again, then after “further exchange,” shot her a third time.

Hall died in surgery at Kettering Health in Kettering.

“Only after Ms. Hall had been shot multiple times did Mr. Brock place a call to 911 for assistance,” the release stated.

“Due to there being no active threat presented by Ms. Hall at any time during the encounter, and Mr. Brock’s failure to contact authorities for assistance while brandishing a firearm, during which he fired at and struck Ms. Hall multiple times, he was arrested and charged with murder.”

Other charges may be filed pending further review of evidence, according to the release.

In Hall’s dash camera footage provided by the sheriff’s office, Hall can be seen having trouble walking up to Brock’s house. After some time, she can be seen backing away as Brock points a revolver at her. The two move away from view of the camera and multiple shots spaced out from each other can be heard, followed by Hall screaming for help.

Brock can be heard telling Hall “I’ll shoot the other leg.”

Credit: Clark County Sheriff's Office

Credit: Clark County Sheriff's Office

According to an incident report, Brock asked who Hall worked for and she told him Uber, and after more talking, he shot her again.

According to an incident report, a deputy observed four gunshot wounds — one to the upper left side of her torso, one to the upper front of her left leg, one on the inside of her left knee and one in the center mass of her sternum under her bra.

According to the report, Brock told responders “without being asked,” the female was there “to take his money.” Brock told deputies that when Hall was going to her car, he told her to stop and he shot her in the leg and thought she was getting a gun from the vehicle.

Brock told deputies that Hall attacked him after he shot her, slamming his head in the door and then trying to get in the car, so he shot her two more times, believing she was trying to get a gun, according to the incident report.

“(Brock) provided he didn’t want to shoot her but he thought she was going to kill him,” the incident report stated.

The sheriff’s office is still investigating the scam call to Brock and the package delivery order through the Uber App.

The sheriff’s office is reminding residents that law enforcement agencies or courts will not contact anyone in the way Brock was contacted to solicit cash for bail or other “official law enforcement functions,” and encourages citizens to “use extreme caution” when they are unexpectedly contacted by anyone claiming to be a relative in jail or having knowledge of a relative in jail.

Brock posted a $200,000 bond after being charged with murder Wednesday.

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

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