A Wisconsin-based company will offer to implant microchips in employees to make it easier for them to access the building or buy food at work.

Company to implant microchips in employees

A Wisconsin company is offering to implant microchips in its employees that will allow them to scan into a building or buy food at work.

Three Square Market, a company that provides technology for break-rooms or markets, will allow employees to decide whether or not to get the chip implanted, USA Today reports.

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The company, based in River Falls, Wisconsin, has 50 employees, the newspaper reported.

The chip, which is about the size of a grain of rice, uses Radio-Frequency Identification technology. The chip can be implanted between the thumb and forefinger “within seconds,” according to the company.

The company said the microchip would allow employees to easily pay for items, access the building and their computers.

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The company is partnering with Swedish-based BioHax International, a company that has already implanted microchips in its employees, USA Today reports.

Employees are not required to get the microchips, and told they cannot be tracked by GPS, according to reports.