Coronavirus: City of Dayton begins Pop-up Patio Pilot Program

The City of Dayton is launching a pilot program to allow restaurants to host temporary patio spaces. The Pop-Up Patio Program will enable restaurants to host temporary patios and other areas for customers to gather.

A guidebook about the program offers three temporary option for restaurants: Patios, parklets and pedlets.

Temporary patios are new or expanded seating areas installed on sidewalks or private parking lots owned by the restaurant. A temporary parklet, or platform cafe, is installed over on-street parking. Pedlets are on-street parking spaces that have been converted to safe pedestrian walkways.

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“The concept for this Pop-Up Patio program grew from the tradition of Parklets. Parklets are gathering spaces that offer public seating accessible by all,” a guidebook issued by the City of Dayton stated.

Businesses interested in creating temporary spaces must submit photos of the proposed location, proof of permission to create the temporary area, pictures or drawings of materials to be used in the area, an application fee of $40 and proof of liability insurance. If the temporary spaces encroach on the property of another business, they must also provide proof that the neighboring businesses support the temporary space.

Any temporary areas must be removed by Nov. 1, 2020, the guidebook said.

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