IH Credit Union opens new location in Beavercreek

IH Credit Union has opened a new location in Beavercreek at 1464 N. Fairfield Road.

The new branch will be a full-service location. Customers will be able to do anything from opening an account to applying for a loan. The Beavercreek branch will have Interactive Teller Machines, which allow customers to interact with IH Credit Union tellers in real time.

These machines also give customers the ability to do banking transactions without the need for physical contact, which is beneficial during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Beavercreek city officials approved plans for the building in February. The credit union demolished several buildings on the property to build the 6,000-square-foot building.

IH Credit Union has three other locations in Springfield and one location in Urbana.

“We are excited to be expanding our footprint into the Beavercreek community and we look forward to the opportunity to serve more customers and small businesses in the area,” said Robb White, president and CEO of IH Credit Union, in a media release.

IH Credit Union was originally opened to serve the employees of the International Harvester Company. Membership is now open to anyone who lives in Ohio.

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