Auditor’s Office: Skimmer found at Riverside gas station

A bank card skimmer discovered at a gas station in Riverside earlier today is the 49th found in Ohio since 2015.

The skimmer, the sixth device found in Montgomery County, was removed from a gas pump this morning at the Marathon station on the 2100 block of Brandt Pike.

The bluetooth-enabled device, concealed on the inside of the pump, was located during a routine inspection by the Montgomery County Auditor office's weights and measures division.

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Skimming devices are used to record credit card numbers and debit card information. The devices are placed inside a pump and collect the data when customers swipe their cards.

The person who installed the Riverside skimmer likely used a universal key to open the pump, but the station's owner says he will install more security cameras and replace the pump locks with unique key locks that are harder to circumvent, said Joseph Harris, chief inspector with the Montgomery County Auditor office's weights and measures division.

"It makes a huge difference, because these criminals want to get in and out as quickly as possible, so anything that can distract them for five or three minutes, they'll want to run away and go somewhere else," he said.

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The best way to avoid becoming a theft victim at the pump is to use cash, and it is unwise to use debit cards that require card owners to punch in their codes, Harris said.

Riverside police have seized the skimmer as evidence and will examine it for clues.

Identifying the crooks who install skimmers tends to be very challenging, even when there are cameras at the stations, because it's hard to know when they might have installed the devices, officials said.

FIRST REPORT: A skimmer has been found at a Riverside gas station Tuesday morning, according to the Montgomery County Auditor's Office.

Officials are responding to the Marathon station at 2100 Brandt Pike after the skimmer was discovered, according to a spokesperson.

We’re working to learn more.


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