Corrections officer accused of selling phones in jail had money issues

The former Montgomery County Jail corrections officer federally accused of providing cell phones to inmates for money had bills that exceeded his take-home pay, according to his application.

Michael Rose Jr., 29, checked boxes on his application that his bills exceeded his pay and that he was delinquent in a financial obligation, according to personnel records obtained by Ohio open records law.

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Rose, who is scheduled for an arraignment and plea Feb. 21 in Dayton's U.S. District Court, was hired April 6, 2016, and let go on probationary release Nov. 11, 2016.

The notice of release signed by Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer said, in part, “This action results from your violation of Jail policy resulting in criminal charges being filed.”

Rose made about $16 per hour, according to his personnel file. He allegedly brought one phone into the jail in exchange for $5,000 cash and offered to provide another phone for between $1,500 and $2,000, according to a criminal complaint.



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