County to pay $75,000 in most recent jail lawsuit settlement

The 60-year-old woman who sued Montgomery County after being “violently swung” down to the floor by a corrections officer in 2015 will be paid $75,000, this news organization has learned.

Marsha Pate-Strickland agreed to a settlement earlier this month, but terms were not announced. A mediation document, signed by Pate-Strickland and county representatives, and obtained by this news outlet shows a settlement of $75,000 for the September 2015 incident that was caught on jail surveillance video.

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The total for two settlements of the recent spate of lawsuits against jail personnel is $450,000. Amber Swink was paid $375,000 after a lawsuit and jail video showed her being pepper-sprayed by a jail sergeant while in a seven-point harness, according to the prosecutor’s office.

Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer hasn’t responded to messages seeking comment about the lawsuits or settlements.

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Surveillance video showed the altercation Sept. 8, 2015 between Pate-Strickland, then 60, and corrections officer David Stemp after the inmate asked for milk instead of juice.

The suit claimed Stemp ordered Pate-Strickland to stand up, then was forcefully grabbed and “violently swung” around before her right shoulder and arm were slammed to the floor.

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“The case has been settled. There’s a signed agreement,” Brannon said earlier this week. “The matter was settled amicably and Ms. Pate-Strickland is going to be moving forward with her life and is glad to have this matter resolved.”

Brannon, who has at least two other clients suing jail personnel, said he’s bound by a confidentiality agreement not to discuss the exact terms reached with Pate-Strickland.

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Pate-Strickland was booked in on a misdemeanor assault accusation brought by another woman in her building that was dropped, according to the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office.

The lawsuit claimed that the actions by Stemp were “brutal and excessive force” and “cruel and unusual.”

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Personnel records obtained by this news organization show Stemp was given a letter of caution for failing to notify supervisors of an escalating situation.

Stemp resigned May 31, 2016, to take a full-time peace officer job with the village of Camden. Village Chief Matt Spurlock said in September that Stemp has been promoted to the department’s senior patrol officer and is in charge of the property room.

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Montgomery County Jail lawsuit settlements

Two lawsuits of at least 10 pending cases against Montgomery County Jail staff have been settled out of court. Several more are pending, according to attorneys who have brought other suits.

Amber Swink: $375,000

Marsha Pate-Strickland: $75,000

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