Judge admonishes Dayton babysitter murder suspect representing himself

The murder suspect accused of shooting a babysitter to death and who is representing himself was repeatedly admonished by a judge Tuesday for making statements during his cross examinations of witnesses.

Chuckie Lee, 40, cross examined Cody Gibson, who is married to Taylor Brandenburg’s cousin and lives at the Huffman Avenue home where Brandenburg was killed. Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Judge Gregory Singer ordered Lee to stop making comments instead of asking questions.

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Lee faces murder, felonious assault and gun charges for the death of Brandenburg, 20, who was babysitting her cousin’s — and Gibson’s — children while other family members went to The Glass Hat in March 2017.

Lee asked Cody Gibson about a woman being hit and knocked to the floor before the bar fight and Gibson said he wasn’t concerned about that because he knew what the incident was about.

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Lee also asked Cody Gibson about a pool ball Gibson picked up and had in his hand as the bar fight began. Gibson had said he had dropped the ball as soon as the altercation began.

Cody Gibson, who told prosecutors that Lee was acting aggressively toward a woman and was standing in front of the only exit, said he didn’t see Lee arguing with anyone in a portion of the video Lee replayed for the jury.

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Earlier, Cody Gibson choked up when he recounted the moments when one of Brandenburg’s cousins who had been at The Glass Hat — Ricky Mayes Jr. — walked up to Brandenburg’s body after the shooting.

Cody Gibson said his reaction after getting home and learning that shots had been fired was to go inside his home and get a firearm.

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When Cody Gibson realized any shooters were gone, he said, “I seen Ricky trying to get Taylor’s body into the car.” When asked by the prosecution if Brandenburg was still alive, Gibson answered: “It didn’t look like it.”

Cody Gibson said Brandenburg’s mother was at the Huffman residence and asked who got shot. “I told her that it was Taylor,” Gibson said, adding that Brandenburg’s mother was frantic and panicking, and initially “tried to get her out of the car and kept telling her to wake up.”

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There were numerous prosecution objections and sidebars after which Singer reiterated to Lee about only asking questions while cross examining a witness.

Sarah Gibson, Cody’s wife and Brandenburg’s cousin, said it was the first time they had left their kids with a babysitter to go to a bar.

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Sarah Gibson also testified that she was on the phone with another cousin while at a gas station less than a half-mile from her house and that she heard shots through the phone and from down the street. She also said she was the one who called 911 to report a shooting.

Earlier Tuesday afternoon, police officers testified about surveillance video obtained from Grandview Hospital, the Huffman Avenue Home, the U-Haul storage center and The Glass Hat.

The trial is scheduled to resume Wednesday morning.


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