Kettering man sentenced on drug charge; rape, abduction counts dropped

Prosecutor: Some initial information from the complainant was not true.

A Kettering man was sentenced Wednesday to two years in prison for felony marijuana possession, but rape, abduction, felonious assault and cruelty to animals charges were dismissed because of what the defendant’s parents said were lies from an “insanely jealous” woman.

Craig T. Hamrock, 35, was sentenced by Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Judge Barbara Gorman to 24 months in prison, with credit for the 247 days he’s spent in jail with a $500,000 bond. Hamrock apologized to his family for what he put them through.

Hamrock’s father, Tom, said the alleged victim lied about being abducted in Mansfield and brought to a Weybright Court residence against her will, lied about being assaulted and lied about Hamrock allegedly killing her dog.

“Considering all the uphill battles he had to fight because of a pathological liar that’s got this whole thing started,” 15 more months is jail wasn’t too bad, Hamrock’s father said. “The motive in this case because of all the abuse has been she is insanely jealous.”

Asked why prosecutors dropped all the other indicted charges, Tom Hamrock said: “Because she lied. We want to go after her for slander, for perjury.”

Asked to respond about the dropped charges, the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office gave this news organization a statement: “Subsequent to the initial investigation by the police and subsequent to the presentation of the case to the grand jury, additional information was discovered that made it apparent that some of the initial information provided by the complainant was not true.

“Based upon this additional information, the Kettering Police Department, the investigating detective, and our office agreed that many of the charges should be dismissed. The defendant was prosecuted and convicted for felony possession of marijuana and today was sentenced to two years in the penitentiary.”

The statement concluded with: “Whether or not the complainant faces any charges for making false statements is under investigation.”

Hamrock’s attorney, Brock Schoenlein, said: “What we uncovered over the course of this case made very clear that Craig was not nearly as big of a danger to the community as the indictment would lead on.”

Hamrock’s father said the alleged victim did not tell the truth about his son supposedly killing the woman’s dog. He said the woman told a grand jury that she dug a hole to bury the dog but that no dog was found in the yard.

“Thankfully, the lawyer hired a detective to go to the house to find a live dog,” Tom Hamrock said. “The dog that Craig supposedly bludgeoned to death and she prepared a burial site. … That’s how much she lies.

“They were seen all over town during that three days that (she was allegedly kidnapped). … There’s video of them getting an oil change after the three-day (alleged) rape and kidnapping.”

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