5 men from Montgomery County are on Ohio’s Death Row. Here’s what they did

Ohio’s Death Row consists of 137 people sentenced to die and includes five men from Montgomery County.

On Tuesday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said the state will not execute anyone until it creates a lethal injection protocol that can withstand court challenges.

“Ohio is not going to execute someone under my watch when a federal judge has found it to be cruel and unusual punishment,” DeWine said, referencing Dayton District Court Magistrate Michael Merz.

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There are no current death penalty cases pending in Montgomery County, according to the prosecutor’s office.

The last inmate from Montgomery County to be executed was Marvallous Keene, who was convicted of killing six people from Dec. 24-26 1992. Keene was executed July 21, 2009.

These men were convicted and sentenced to death in Montgomery County:

Samuel Moreland

In 1985, Samuel Moreland killed five people — Glenna Green, 46; her daughter Lana Green, 23; and three grandchildren, Daytrin Talbott, 7; Datwan Talbott, 6; and Voilana Green, 6.

Per an 11-year-old’s testimony, Moreland had shot his grandmother as she threw a bottle at Moreland.

Moreland, who has always said he was innocent, last year won the right for additional DNA testing, which has been held up.

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Davel V. “Tony” Chinn

ExploreDavel “Tony” Chinn Staff Writer

Davel V. "Tony" Chinn was found guilty of the 1989 shooting death of Brian Jones, 21.

Chinn and a co-defendant robbed two men of their money and stole Jones’ car from a downtown parking garage.

The co-defendant said Chinn shot Jones in Jefferson Twp. because Jones could have identified him and didn’t have much money, court documents said.

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Antonio S. Franklin

Antonio S. Franklin was convicted for the 1997 killings of his uncle and grandparents.

Prosecutors said that Anthony Franklin, 38, Ivory Franklin, 76, and Ophelia Franklin, 71, were each bludgeoned with a baseball bat and that Mrs. Franklin also was shot in the head.

Investigators said items were taken from the grandparents and their home and then set on fire.

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Larry Gapen

Larry Gapen was convicted of using a wood-splitting maul to fatally beat his ex-wife Martha Madewell, her companion Nathan Marshall and her 13-year-old daughter Jesica Young to death in 2000.

In 2014, Gapen tried to get a new trial based on several claims, including juror misconduct.

His attorney at the time said: “We’re disturbed by evidence this court was unaware of and we’re here to bring it to the court’s attention.”

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Duane A. Short

Duane A. Short was convicted of using a shotgun to kill his estranged wife, Rhonda Short, 31, and Donnie Ray Sweeney, 32, in 2004.

The Trenton man admitted at trial that after searching for his wife for many days, he bought a shotgun and sawed off its barrel.

He said he then took the weapon to his wife’s residence in Huber Heights, where he shot and killed her and Sweeney.

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