Pike County murders: Billy Wagner booked in the Butler County Jail

One of four charged in the Pike County multiple homicides is now housed in the Butler County Jail, according to Chief Deputy Anthony Dwyer.

George “Billy” Wagner III was transported to the county jail on Hanover Street today and booked in at about 5:45 a.m.

According to Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones, he was contacted by the Pike County Sheriff last week and asked if he could house Wagner III in his jail Jones told the sheriff that he would.

Jones said other Pike County prisoners have routinely been housed in the Butler County Jail, as many as 80 at a time.

Four Wagner family members are currently being held in different jails in separate counties.

“I assume that they don’t want them in the same jail (to avoid contact with each other),” Jones said. “The grapevine in a jail travels fast.”

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