Dayton police arrested a panhandler officers said falsely claimed to be a veteran and who had a crack pipe in his possession.

Police find crack pipe on panhandler faking veteran status

Police said the 41-year-old panhandler, Janon Price, held a sign reading “Homeless Vet Anything Helps God Bless!” before his arrest Tuesday on the 900 block of Wayne Ave.

“I asked him if he had prior service in any branch of the military,” wrote the Dayton officer. “Mr. Price stated that he did not serve in the military.”

Price said he was homeless and someone else gave him the sign to use, according to the report.

Police said Price denied having contraband. But a corrections officer found a crack pipe in the panhandler’s left jacket pocket during a jail booking pat-down, the report said.

Price is held in Montgomery County Jail on misdemeanor charges of false or misleading solicitation and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was awaiting a court hearing Wednesday afternoon.