Mont. Co. sheriff warns of old scam with new twist

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Mont. Co. sheriff warns of old phone scam with new twist

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents tonight about an old phone scam with a new twist.

The twist? The scammers are using the names of actual deputies to solicit money from unsuspecting victims.

"It's sickening because a lot of times they're focusing on the elderly," said Chief Deputy Rob Streck.

He has seen plenty of scams during his time at the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. In the latest attempt, a caller claiming to be with the sheriff's office tells you that they either have a warrant for your arrest or that you owe money for skipping jury duty.

They tell residents "that they need to come downtown and put their credit card into a kiosk or go to Kroger and get a Kroger card and put money on, on this kind of card," he said.

It's a scam that scares people into doing the wrong thing.

Not only do the scammers say they work at the sheriff's office, they use the names of actual employees to sound more official to possible victims.

"The scam artists are smart enough to say, 'hey in this technology world somebody may be smart enough to Google somebody's name.' If they Google Rob Streck, one of the first things that pop up is a link to the sheriff's office website,” the chief deputy said.

Anyone who gets a scam call is urged to immediately hang up and call the sheriff's office to report it. The sheriff's office would never tell a person to buy a gift card to settle a debt.

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